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JEM Associates, Inc. - Foodservice Design Consultants


The foodservice industry is unique. An integral relationship exists between equipment, planning, productivity and presentation of the final product. This relationship has the capacity to affect the interior and architectural design of the project. To provide effective services, a foodservice consultant must be prepared to participate in all aspects of a project, including menu development, staff and space planning, and staff education.

JEM Associates is a consulting organization dedicated to the successful conceptualization and implementation of food preparation projects. We provide a full range of services from menu development through staff education, assuring a successful turn-key product for your new or retrofit installation. Our staff has significant years of experience in project design and implementation, serving large and small corporate and private clients in projects such as casino resorts, schools, correctional facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, industrial food processing and mass production facilities.

Prior to the Design Process

JEM Associates can provide feasibility studies and market analyses to determine concept viability and recommendation of a target market. With a defined menu, we outline a management objective and staffing requirements to establish a financial plan and operating budget. Also, assistance in developing business plans and the pursuit of financial underwriting is available.

During the Design and Construction Process

JEM Associates is your full service consultant. We provide unequaled advice in space planning, design documentation, equipment selection, and design team coordination to insure that your project proceeds smoothly. In providing you with a quality kitchen design package, our involvement can include such services as project scheduling, negotiation of contracts, purchasing coordination, and installation supervision. […]

After Project Installation

After project installation, we can continue to assist. JEM Associates offers a wide variety of services, such as start-up management, interviewing and hiring of personnel, and operational efficiency studies. Education of staff in quality control, food handling, sanitation, personal hygiene, equipment usage and maintenance and waste handling is also available.

JEM Associatesprimary objective is to assist in making your foodservice project a success. To assist our clients in achieving this goal, we provide services through the design and construction phases until your business is on a stable footing. We are confident you will find this extra level of service is what separates JEM Associates from other foodservice consultants.

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